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  1. Wash around the catheter at the urinary opening with soap and water daily as needed.
  2. Drink plenty of water each day. (Min 8 glasses a day)
  3. Arrange tubing to avoid kinks and allow drainage
  4. Always keep the bag below the level of your bladder
  5. Empty bags every 4 hours or sooner if full.
  6. Never pull on your catheter; tape the tubing to your inner thigh if necessary to avoid tension.
  7. Be sure to keep the opening of the urine bag clean by not letting it touch the edge of the toilet or the floor while emptying.  Always wash your hands before and after emptying or changing your urine bag.
  8. If you change your leg bag to an overnight bag, rinse the bag soap and water and hang to dry until ready to reuse.
  9. If there is a leak or urine, check and make sure the catheter has not become loose at its connection to the drainage bag.



  1. If your urine is not bloody, remove your catheter at 8 A.M. on _________________
  2. If your urine is bloody, call our office but do not remove the catheter.
  3. Cut the colored side plastic port of the catheter with a pair of scissors. A small quantity of water will drain out (this is from the balloon at the end of the catheter that keeps the catheter from falling out); wait until all water has drained out. Give a gentle tug to confirm.
  4. Sit in a chair or on the toilet and gently pull the catheter out. Do not tug hard as you may injure yourself. You may feel a slight discomfort as it's coming out, but is should not be painful. IF you have ANY difficulty, call our office (407-)
  5. Be sure to continue to drink plenty of water after the catheter has been removed. You may have slight burning with urination, but this should subside with each subsequent urination. If the burning makes it diffcult to urinate, fill a tub with warm water and sit in the tub to urinate. Do NOT Drink Any Alchohol, Coffee, Tea, Sodas, or Eat Chocolate.
  6. Call out office 2 hours after removing the catheter to notify of your voiding status. If you are unable to void or are uncomfortable because you cannot empty your bladder completely, call our office immediately.

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